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How Euribor Affects Your Savings and Loans

22nd January 2015

Euribor (Euro Interbank Offered Rate) is a widely used benchmark for euro-denominated short term loans. Calculated and published every working day, it indicates the typical interest rate that European banks are asking for their lending on the interbank market for maturities ranging from 1 week to 1 year. Here you can find more detailed explanation […]

What is Euribor and how is it determined?

20th January 2015

If you live in Europe or have savings, loans or a mortgage denominated in euros, Euribor most likely affects your life, or at least your personal finances. You have probably heard about it in the media, where experts often discuss its changes and implications of Euribor being too low or too high. Nevertheless, if you […]

Euribor vs. Libor, ECB rates and Eonia

19th January 2015

For people who don’t work in banks, Euribor can easily be confused with some other financial terms and rates. This article looks at the most common ones. First let’s define Euribor. Short for Euro Interbank Offered Rate, it is the average interest rate at which European banks are willing to lend money to each other […]