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Holborn Assets Reviews: What Next for Greece and the Markets?

9th July 2015

Greece has been dominating the news again and from the various statements of top European politicians, it is obvious that the crisis has got more serious than ever before.  Some are talking about the Eurozone itself, or even the very idea of European integration, being in danger.  “Grexit” (Greece leaving the Eurozone) is no longer […]

Holborn Assets Reviews: Can you Profit from Deflation?

1st July 2015

In the previous article we have explained why deflation is bad for the economy. Now we will look at it from a more personal perspective and suggest a few ways to put your finances in the best possible position. Defense First Asset protection should always be your first priority. Deflation is often accompanied by recession and […]

Holborn Assets Reviews: Is Deflation Bad?

23rd June 2015

Deflation is negative inflation – when the general price level in the economy is falling. Goods and services becoming cheaper and more affordable looks like a positive thing at the first glance. All of us would like our salaries to have greater purchasing power. Unfortunately, deflation not only makes things cheaper; it also reduces the […]

Factors Affecting Gold Prices, Part 2

12th May 2015

In the previous article we have explained the different sources of supply and demand in the global gold market. In this article we will look at the factors affecting speculative and investment demand for gold and, thereby, gold prices. What Drives Investment Demand for Gold In the long run, the primary motivation for buying gold […]

Factors Affecting Gold Prices, Part 1

7th May 2015

While stock prices, exchange rates and virtually everything else in the global financial markets are notoriously hard to predict, when asked about one asset whose price is particularly impossible to forecast, most financial professionals would probably say gold. Unlike corporate revenues and profits for stocks, or a country’s GDP, inflation and trade balance for currencies, […]

Euro Exchange Rate Forecasts (And Why You Shouldn’t Care)

16th April 2015

Although the stock market rally has continued on both sides of the Atlantic, if you have had investments in the Eurozone you have probably lost considerable amounts of money in the recent months due to unfavourable currency developments. Although it’s hard to believe when looking at the current exchange rates, the euro traded almost at […]