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Holborn Assets Reviews: Is Deflation Bad?

23rd June 2015

Deflation is negative inflation – when the general price level in the economy is falling. Goods and services becoming cheaper and more affordable looks like a positive thing at the first glance. All of us would like our salaries to have greater purchasing power. Unfortunately, deflation not only makes things cheaper; it also reduces the […]

Time in the Market, Not Timing the Market

24th May 2015

The US stock market, measured by the S&P500 index, has returned over 200% since its 666 “devil’s low” in March 2009. Stocks in most other regions, including the UK, Europe and many emerging markets have done similarly well. Many investors have made a lot of money in the recent years. However, there are also many […]

Greece Economic Crisis Explained

3rd March 2015

The sovereign debt crisis in Greece has held a prominent place in economic news for five years, without any signs of coming to an end. It has affected global financial markets and most likely also your finances, even when you don’t live in the Eurozone. This article will try to provide basic explanation of its […]