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Holborn Assets News – Warning! It’s Malware Monday for Microsoft users!

15th May 2017

Since Friday, more than 200,000 victims across 150 countries have been hit by the “WannaCry” computer virus attack that freezes computer files and demands a ransom payment. And Europol Director Rob Wainwright said, “ … I am worried about how the numbers will continue to grow when people go to work and turn their machines […]

Controversial new £1 coin comes out today in UK

28th March 2017

The controversial new UK £1 coin comes into circulation today (March 28th 2017). With 3% of old £1 coins being counterfeit, the Royal Mint calls the new hi-tech £1 coin “the most secure coin in the world”. Holborn Assets looks at the ins and outs of the currency changeover. What should I do with my […]

Top 5 Holborn Assets #AlternativeFacts

6th February 2017

In this article we would like to highlight some of the little known facts about Holborn Assets. Please note we mean “little known” not “alternative”, a term in use since January 22, 2017, for reasons well known to all. Holborn Assets can make you famous. We can help you grow organic food. We are members […]

QROPS Pension Transfer Value Is Up 25%

21st December 2016

The average value of QROPS pension transfers rose by a quarter last year to top £100k per transfer. That’s according to HMRC figures released last week: The Calculation In the tax year 2014-2015, there were 20,100 transfers with a total value of £1.76bn. The average value (i.e. mean) of each transfer was therefore £1.76bn/20,100 = […]

3 Things You Must Get Right With QROPS

13th December 2016

If you’re planning to be an expat, then moving your pension abroad with a QROPS (Qualified Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme), may save you money. But maybe you will lose your money. That’s investments for you. The key is to not get scammed. Obviously! The UK Government issued a consultation document on pension scams just this […]

Day of Reckoning for UK Pension Scamsters

7th December 2016

The UK Government this week announced a tough new stance on pension scammers. More “direct intervention” has been promised. A consultation document issued by the Department for Work and Pensions on December 5th 2016 centres on a committed new policy of three measures: Cold calling about pensions is to be banned completely Blocking suspicious pension […]

How the FCA is Helping to Keep Your Pension Safe

5th December 2016

FCA shows teeth with hefty fine for pensions boss The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) weren’t mucking about when they said this year that they would be cracking down on investment scams in the pensions sector. First Aviva got hit with a whopping £8.2m fine in October “for Client Money and Asset failings”. And now in […]

Investing? You need to know about “Open” and “Closed” investment architecture

21st October 2016

“Open” and “Closed” what? We’re talking about “Open” and “Closed” investment. These are types of investment “architectures” — the way, in other words, that the whole business of you buying an investment is handled by the professionals. There’s the “open” model, which offers higher flexibility but higher costs, and the “closed” model which offers less […]

Holborn Assets Mortgages – Bricks and Mortar; Should you Oughta?

13th October 2016

Thinking about getting into property? Is now the right time? If you’re a UK expat, you might be holding fast until the full impact of the BREXIT decision has played out across UK markets. And, certainly this week, Buy-To-Let (BTL) in the UK is looking even more fraught as an investment prospect, with a High […]

Holborn Assets Reviews – UAE Shows it is Taking Expat Wills Seriously

12th October 2016

Official UAE Property Will Portal goes Live September 2016 There’s a new way to ace UAE inheritance laws in the event of your death. A “Property Will Portal” went live online on the 6th September 2016, courtesy of the DIFC Wills and Probate Registry (W&PR). And with this powerful new piece of administration, an expat […]

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