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Holborn Assets Reviews: 5 Financial Emergencies

17th November 2015

Life has the habit of twisting and turning when you least expect it.  One moment you may be financially secure, the next you find yourself struggling to stay afloat.  Having a cushion of fall back money can help you when life inevitably throws those surprise curve balls.  Holborn Assets looks into 5 possible situations you might […]

Janet Knight Investigates: Critical Illness Plans

29th October 2015

Critical Illness: What if it happened to you? Janet Knight Investigates When critical illness strikes within a family, all attention is naturally focused on the recovery of the person in question. But what if this recovery is a slow and uncertain process that requires months or maybe even years of treatment and continued care? That […]

Do I Need Critical Illness Cover?

2nd March 2015

Critical illness cover is an insurance product which pays a lump sum in case of serious illness (such as cancer, heart attack or stroke). It does not pay out if you die, which is how it differs from life insurance. It is very common for insurance companies to sell critical illness cover together with life […]