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7 Things You Should Be Saving For

31st August 2015

Everyone says you should spend less and save more, but maintaining the discipline to put money aside is hard, unless you know what you will eventually buy with the savings. The following are 7 reasons, or 7 things everyone should be saving for. 1. Retirement It would seem that retirement should come last, but it […]

Financial Planning for Children

29th January 2015

Having children is probably the greatest change in life and affects practically everything we do and think about. Finance is not an exception. The following are some specifics of children’s financial planning. No income and no expenditures With the exception of rare talents in arts or sports, most children don’t have regular income. Some older […]

Teaching Your Children About Money

27th January 2015

Besides the increased household expenditures and the need to save for college, being a parent involves another big task – introducing your children into the world of money. The concept of saving and compound interest, understanding financial products, budgeting, financial responsibility and the dangers of excessive debt – are all essential survival skills in the […]

Saving Money for College and Your Kid’s Future

26th January 2015

Raising a child is expensive. Although the costs are high at any age, college deserves special attention and proper planning. When to start? A common question asked by parents is when to start saving for college. If you already have a kid, the answer is usually “now”, unless there is more urgent or more effective […]