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Holborn Assets News – Half a Million Private UK Landlords to Face Tougher Taxes

20th October 2016

What’s happened now with Buy To Let (BLT)? New research out this week from the UK’s National Association of Landlords (NAL) shows that 440,000 landlords will be pushed into the higher tax bracket next April when the infamous Section 24 of the Finance Act (2015) kicks in. What’s more, NAL say that all UK BTL […]

Holborn Assets Reviews UK Courtroom Blow for BTL Landlords

7th October 2016

There was bad news for Buy-To-Let (BTL) Brits yesterday (October 6th), with defeat in the legal battle against the onset of harsher tax legislation for private landlords beginning next year. The British High Court yesterday refused to grant permission for a Judicial Review of controversial Section 24 of the Finance Act (No.2 2015) which ends […]

Pensions Vs Buy to Let: A Comparison

4th May 2016

  As a UK expat in the UAE, can I even get a UK Buy-to-Let mortgage? Customers here at Holborn Assets are often surprised that a UK BTL mortgage is even an option for them. That’s because there’s been a lot in the press about expat lenders pulling out of the market altogether – making […]

Investing in Buy-to-Let Properties – the Facts, the Costs and the Potential

25th April 2016

Buy-to-let properties have always been the vogue among alternative real estate investments. But you don’t need any prior experience to realise that property, in general, is an expensive asset to access. And there’s also a lot of talk regarding the recent changes made to tax and duty structures applicable to buy-to-let properties. What’s the deal […]