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Vivian Van Eeden
Vivian Van Eeden
Vice President International Pensions

Hi, I'm Vivian Van Eeden

Vivian Van Eeden acts as Vice President of Holborn’s International Pensions Division.

Vivian is an International Wealth Manager with experience from the Channel Islands and Hong Kong Offshore Financial Services looking after the expatriate community.

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Vivian specialises in comprehensive financial planning for expatriates. She adopts a holistic financial planning approach which involves investment advice, risk management, protection and retirement planning.

One of the keys to financial success is the appointment of a professional adviser who works closely with clients to establish a carefully structured financial plan designed to achieve overall financial objectives. Drawing upon experience and the use of technical and fundamental analysis, Vivian works with clients - assisting them to preserve capital and achieve respectable returns whilst ensuring that all of their financial needs and requirements are achieved.

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