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Vince Truong
Vince Truong
Senior Associate and Partnership Manager

Hi, I'm Vince Truong

Senior Associate and Partnership Manager

Vince Truong’s priority is to help his clients crystallize what is important about money to them - along with their values, emotional factors and goals.

Vince works to cultivate a long-term, trusted partnership that empowers clients to: live the lives they aspire to, protect their well-being, achieve financial freedom and leave their desired legacy. In doing so, Vince focuses on advice, planning and solutions (not on making a sale).

His financial planning uses sophisticated Monte Carlo simulations that the vast majority of advisors in the GCC are unaware of and do not use. These simulations give clients a reliable probability of the likelihood for success in reaching their goals based on their current actions - in addition to making recommendations on changes that can be implemented immediately.

Vince is not a market timer, fund picker or speculator. Indeed, for his long-term investors, 93.6% of returns are based on how monies are allocated across different asset classes, each with its own history of risk, return, and correlation to other investments.

Vince’s investment advice employs asset allocation models based on a modified approach to Modern Portfolio Theory with emphasis on protecting against downside risk (especially in case of anomalous Black Swan or Fat Tail events) while maximizing upside gain. This approach is unlike the common practice in the GCC of trying to pick a few winning funds - which, in the long run, is both inconsistent and unreliable.


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Employment History

Vince managed an employee benefits and insurance brokerage in the United States for seven years. He was a Registered Representative and Financial Consultant with LPL Financial, the largest U.S. independent broker dealer, from 2004 – 2009.


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