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Thomas Charles Donnelly
Thomas Charles Donnelly

Hi, I'm Thomas Charles Donnelly

General financial planning/life and critical illness insurance cover/wills and guardianship

Thomas found himself in Dubai over 9 years ago after a short stint living in the French Alps and also in Sydney, Australia. Tom loves to travel, and finds being based in Dubai is a perfect location to do this from. Within his previous roles he worked in London, Frankfurt, and Switzerland, and extensively travelled most European cities on business.

As a keen investor himself, this gives his clients a great platform to help build from. Having worked and travelled in numerous places helps Thomas understand different clients’ wants and needs, which is a real benefit, taking into account how International the U.A.E. is.

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Employment History

Thomas has over 12 years’ experience in financial services in Insurance, Banking, and in financially traded markets. He has worked with institutional contracts worth millions of Dollars and also on the retail side.

He believes client relationship is key. This is true whether you are dealing with big institutional contracts, or are arranging somebodies life insurance and will and guardianship for their family. Trust is the basis upon how all relationships are formed, and this is very important to Thomas, that he builds this trust with his clients by providing straight up, honest and factual advice.

My Favourite Quote

You don't learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing, and by falling over
- Richard Branson
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