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Simon Burrass
Simon Burrass

Hi, I'm Simon Burrass

Senior Associate | Retail Banking |Private Banking | Wealth Management | UK Pension Transfers | Investment Portfolio Creation | Mortgages for UK/UAE Markets

As a family man with two young children, Simon believes that Critical Illness cover and Life Insurance are the most important products you can buy. We live in a fast-paced, stressful world, making this type of financial planning essential. Simon provides guidance on regular savings plans, UK pension transfers, investment portfolio creations and mortgages for both the UK and UAE markets.

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Employment History

Simon has worked in the Financial Services sector for 29 years, and has recently re-joined Holborn Assets. Simon has a great deal of Middle East experience, having worked in the region since 2000 for HSBC, Barclays, Dow Jones and Commercial Bank of Dubai.

Simon is passionate about helping people save for their future and protect their loved ones. Living and working in the GCC for the past 16 years has allowed Simon to develop and establish relationships with key companies, banks, developers and clients. He considers building long-lasting and mutual alliances as one of his major strengths. It is these relationships that allow him to provide first-class, suitable, value-led, long-term solutions for his clients.

Having started off in this business as a bank teller in the UK and climbing the ranks, Simon understands the struggles that people face when it comes to saving for retirement, education, child care, ageing parents and life insurance.

As a father of two, Simon too is constantly trying juggle the finances to make sure that his family and every aspect of their future is protected!

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