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Scott Balsdon
Scott Balsdon

Hi, I'm Scott Balsdon

Scott has over 14 years experience in the financial service industry

Scott joined Holborn Assets as a Non-Executive Director and brings with him a wealth of experience in the financial world. He started in the offshore financial industry in 2003 working as an advisor based out of Holland where he was extremely successful with his approachable manner and ability to explain complex financial situations in the simplest of terms. His service focused approach to working with clients has always ensured he receives positive testimonials and feedback from all that work with him.

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Employment History

In 2008 Scott moved into a management role in Dubai where his success continued and he received several promotions over the years that followed, finally resulting in him being Managing Director with responsibility for 12 offices globally spanning from Asia to Europe. He now brings this experience to Holborn Assets, working with the existing Board of Directors to further develop the successful business they have built since 1999 and ensure Holborn are the financial services group of choice.

During his time in Dubai Scott also established a corporate social responsibility program in Malawi. His first trip to the country was in 2012 and inspired the program which started in 2013. A local school was chosen for the project and the program helped with infrastructure improvements allowing better access to the school, a daily feeding program for the children and teachers plus the development of several new buildings which included a kitchen, library and two classrooms.

Scott is married to wife Sally and has two young daughters who live in Cornwall and he enjoys spending weekends with them at the beach or visiting National Trust establishments. Scott is keen on a wide array of sports from squash, tennis, motorsports and a regular at the gym plus tries to have at least one snowboarding holiday a year with the family.

My Favourite Quote

A business has to be involving, it has to be fun, and it has to exercise your creative instincts
- Richard Branson
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