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Payal Trehan
Payal Trehan
Senior Associate

Hi, I'm Payal Trehan

Financial Services, Financial Advisory, Investments, Management Pensions

Payal says: “having been a successful advisor myself, I still prefer to have an Independent Financial Adviser help me personally put aside money/savings for the long run. I believe you make better decisions with finances when you are not personally vested in your decision of how/when/where to invest.”

Payal does the following in her day-to-day activities:

  • Handles existing client fund portfolios and communicates directly about potential fund switches and tax-minimization plans.
  • Communicates directly with new potential clients about off-shore investment planning and tax planning requirements.
  • Works closely with representatives from financial institutions regarding updates on new structured Investment Notes.
  • Continually researches changes in tax legislations and pension laws within Europe.
  • Works closely with institutions such as Zurich, Friends Provident, Generali, JPMorgan, RBS and Morgan Stanley.
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Employment History

Payal has spent over five years in the Financial Services industry, starting as a trade analyst for fixed income currencies and commodities. She moved to Dubai four years ago to focus on wealth management, working with major off-shore product providers and world-class fund managers. Payal specialises in pension transfers, and enjoys helping people save and grow their money to achieve their long term growth/objectives.


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