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Paul Barrass
Paul Barras
Senior Consultant

Hi, I'm Paul Barrass

Inheritance Tax Planning, Asset Protection, Trusts, Wills, UK Pension Advice, University Fee Planning

Paul is qualified to provide an easy-to-understand approach - with on-going, regular service meetings to ensure your investment is working hard.

Paul’s specialisms include helping professionals to structure plans for their children’s future university funding, as well as providing critical illness protection and life insurance. In addition, Paul specialises in  investment areas such as lump sum investing as well as planning for early retirement; even providing, in today's difficult markets, better solutions for spare cash that’s sitting in a bank account earning little interest.

On a corporate level, Paul advises companies with cash surplus by offering a range of tailored profitability solutions.

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Employment History

Paul has over 12 years of experience in financial services - initially in the UK and, in recent years, helping professionals who live and work in the UAE.


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