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Nicholas Thompson
Nicholas Thompson
Senior Partner

Hi, I'm Nicholas Thompson

Providing Expert Financial Advice to Expat Families and Professionals Globally. This includes but not limited to Pensions, Insurance, Estate planning,

Nicholas (Nick) provides his clients with the best possible financial advice and guidance to allow them to make the most from their money.

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Employment History

Nick works closely with all clients to find the right products and financial strategies to achieve their goals in areas such as tax planning, investment, saving, retirement, or in achieving a specific financial target.

Nicks team will;

  • Demonstrate an immediate and deep understanding of individual clients and their needs - as well as a real commitment to acting as a trusted adviser.
  • Have a strong focus on enabling our clients to achieve a secure retirement or a pre-determined investment goal e.g. assisting children with their education.
  • Be proactive in portfolio management and managing our clients' accounts - by continually considering market changes and the personal financial events that may have an effect on them.
  • Demonstrate measurable results and benefits to clients.
  • Provide all clients with a designated office-based admin person, and respond to all client contact within 24 hours.
  • Have regular meetings to review the previous strategy decisions and evolution of the “living” financial planning solution.

My Favourite Quote

Carpe Diem (Seize the day)
- The Roman poet Horace's "Odes"
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