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Michele Carby
Michele Carby
Managing Partner

Hi, I'm Michele Carby

Dip PFS (UK) IIQE (HK) CII | Managing Partner | Investments | Portfolio Management | Wealth Management | Management | Business Strategy | Entrepreneurship

"I've spent the past 20 years helping senior professionals to protect and enhance their wealth, so I have a good understanding of key issues and concerns. My goal is to provide a highly professional service, working with clients over the long term, designing a financial plan tailored to their personal goals which takes into account both their personal circumstances and their overall appetite towards risk.

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Employment History

Originally, Michele hails from Durban, South Africa where she graduated from the University of Natal with a B.Proc (Law) degree before embarking on a career in financial services. Over many years, she has gained a wealth of international experience in the industry - starting in South Africa, then London, moving Hong Kong, and now the UAE.

Maintaining and growing her personal client base, Michelle loves helping people with their financial planning. She values that one-to-one interaction with people: helping them plan and, as the years pass, achieve their objectives - that is what really gives Michele job satisfaction. She also values that every case is different and offers fresh challenges to be overcome.

A client retiring without financial worries for the rest of their life, a young person graduating without a millstone of debt around their neck, a lifesaving operation paid for by insurance; that’s what this job is about for Michele – making peoples’ hopes and dreams come true.

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