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Martin Burrett
Martin Burrett
Senior Advisor

Hi, I'm Martin Burrett

Partner Investments, financial planning, estate planning, networking

Martin has been engaged in financial services for more than twenty years, specifically in advisory, managerial and marketing roles. Martin began with Holborn Assets back in 2003 as a consultant. He has since focused on the development of local and international markets by association and collaboration with high value global enterprises.

Employment History
Employment Hightlights

Employment History

Martin initially spent four years in financial services in the UK as a Financial Advisor, which prepared him well for his first appointment in the Middle East. Joining P.I.C. Middle East (Abu Dhabi) in July 1998, he held the position of Financial Advisor for another two years before being promoted to Branch Manager in July 2000.

In 2003 Martin joined Holborn Assets as Senior Advisor, Practice Principal - until being invited to join one of Holborn's partnerships in 2010. Martin contributes to the partnership by helping to build its practice in the most commercially-efficient and socially-responsible way possible. Generally, he makes key personal business introductions. As a result of this synergy, Martin now focuses more closely on offshore investment, tax-optimisation and asset protection solutions for new and existing clients alike. Martin catering predominantly to the needs of the expatriate community - particularly established heads of education, health care, commerce and industry.

More about Me


Married with two teenage daughters, two married adult sons and one grandson. While I travel internationally for business purposes, home is with my wife and children in South West France.


I'm an enthusiastic horticulturalist.

Extra Curricular

Motorcycling and classic car restoration.

What My Clients Say

"Your Middle East career probably starts off penniless. New houses, new cars, trips to IKEA, settling the kids into new schools, but at some stage things start fitting into place and all of a sudden you take stock and realise you need to start planning your life out with some more structure. Part of this process will also require you to look at your financial plans. This is where Martin of Holborn Assets has helped us.

Money is a funny thing. We all have it but you do not talk about it. It is a rude conversation. Holborn Assets have been a "Money Doctor" for us. We can talk openly and frankly to an adviser about our financial planning and receive professional advice that fits our personal circumstances. You simply can't get that level of "advice" talking discreetly to your friends. One glove does not fit all and the financial services provided by Holborn Assets have been tailored to suit our particular needs as our financial status has changed over the years starting from "Skint in Abu Dhabi and wanting to save for the future" through to managing a windfall, sorting out poorly performing UK pensions and making those existing endowment plans work for their living. Value Plus? Most definitely.

The service we have received over eight years has been personal but not intrusive which we believe has set Holborn Assets aside from other financial service providers in the region. The advice we have received and acted on has ensured financial stability in a tax free environment with lasting effect.

And the reason for writing this... they don't cold call, they don't pester and they get their business through referral which is why I am happy to write this reference as now after eight years our relationship has developed into what we perceive as a partnership that manages the financial success that our professional lives has brought us. Anonymous, but otherwise we are no different to anybody else, find us drinking on the beach at The Club in Abu Dhabi..."

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