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Jason O’Connell
Jason O’Connell
Vice President International Pensions

Hi, I'm Jason O’Connell

Pensions, investments, Savinga, Retirement Planning, Life assurance and Wills

Jason has worked diligently over the years to achieve his current position. He is QFA (Qualified Financial Advisor) accredited from the Institute of Bankers in Ireland in the areas of pensions, investments, saving, life assurance and loans. He also has a Professional Certificate in Financial Advice and is actively studying towards achieving the CISI International Certificate in Wealth Management.

Employment History
Employment Hightlights

Employment History

Jason Says: Wherever you find expats, you find people who really need some good, timely advice – advice they can rely on; after all, it’s their future financial security that’s at stake. Being a member of a professional body is key to building confidence I think; that’s why I’m a founding member of FEIFA (the Federation of European Independent Financial Advisers), which has been running since 2009.

I specialise in international Will creation with particular expertise in Interim Guardianships. With my extensive knowledge of multi-jurisdictional estate matters and inheritance tax-planning, I’m someone who can really help you with your estate and settling it easily. It’s often the case that people try not to think of their own death; but to ensure smooth transition and avoid intestation, it’s vital it’s sorted out quickly by an expert -especially if your estate is complex. I also know a fair deal about international pension analysis and transfers, and fully-holistic financial planning, so anyone who needs help – not just those planning for old age and beyond – I’m here to help!

My Favourite Quote

"If you work hard and you do your best, you can do anything"
- Erin Heatherton

More about Me


Happily married to Ruth with 2 beautiful children


Gaelic football

Extra Curricular

Jason was the first and only Irish male to represent Oman GAA men’s football team throughout competitions in the GCC. Get in Touch with me

What My Clients Say

‘I’ve been Jason’s client now since 2005. He’s not only one of the most ethical people I’ve ever met, but he’s also smart, and he’s always well-briefed. I’ve found him indispensible when it comes to financial advice for me and my family, and the constant changes our lives undergo. Each time there’s a change, he’s there to give great advice; what that means in reality is that we’re always set up handsomely for the future.’ – Javier Azpiros

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