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Jason Freeborn
Jason Freeborn
Employee Benefits

Hi, I'm Jason Freeborn

Employee Benefits Associate | Medical Insurance, Employee Benefits, Leadership Development, Management Training

"I'm an accomplished employee benefits practitioner specialising in healthcare and medical insurance in Dubai and the Northern Emirates.

I have deep experience as a businessman and broker - as well as a track record of building and maintaining long term relationships in business.

My role is to offer Employee Benefits advice and service to companies and individuals on requirements such as medical cover, dental plans, end-of-service gratuities and Key Person insurance.

From our Dubai offices, we cover individuals and groups working in the UAE and travelling worldwide."

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Employment History

"I spent my twenties at sea, came ashore when my daughter was born and started an internet marketing business in 1999.

In the 16 years that followed, I have been industrious in business, diligent in my academic studies and dedicated to my family.

I have several start-ups and longer-lived companies to my name. I have also spent periods consulting, selling and brokering in the UK in a number of market sectors.

I came out to Dubai as an invitee and, after two promotions within Holborn, I was asked to join the Employee Benefits Team - which now requires (and rewards) all of my B2B and relationship management skills.

Health insurance is now a legal requirement in the UAE. My job is to make sure companies and their employees can benefit from seeing a doctor, going to hospital, and getting medicines.

I am licensed as an Intermediary (Medical Insurance Broker) by the Dubai Health Authority."


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