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Jamie Arthur
Jamie Arthur

Hi, I'm Jamie Arthur

Insurance Specialist, Education Planning, General financial Planning, Investments, Retirement Planning

Jamie's main focus is providing his clients with the best possible advice and guidance to allow them full peace of mind around their financial future. Jamie works closely with his client to find the right products and strategies to achieve their goals.

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Employment History

Jamie joined the Financial Services industry in 2016. Jamie’s previous background has been as an Enterprise Software Consultant, where his successes stemmed from the importance placed on listening to a client’s needs and aspirations to bring a balanced perspective and solution.

Having worked with professionals in some of the world’s top software houses, Jamie's skills have been easily transferred into the financial sector - the mission remains to help clients to meet their goals.

Jamie is dedicated to helping families meet the financial demands of modern life whilst having full peace of mind. His drive is to ensure his clients are fully informed around the processes and financial needs of a professional expat.

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