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Frank Hutchinson
Frank Hutchinson
Managing Partner

Hi, I'm Frank Hutchinson

Frank Hutchinson has spent the last 51 years in the Financial Services Industry. His career has spanned not just time, but all areas of Financial Services including actuarial training and underwriting risk training. Frank has also experienced different economic and market conditions including six major economic and market downturns. He is therefore well-placed to understand what drives market sentiment, equities and all financial instruments.

Frank has always passionately strived to bring new professionals into the financial services industry. He is always aiming for high ethical standards and excellence in advice and service, a quality that he insists is shared by the people working closely with him.

Employment History
Employment Hightlights

Employment History

During his career Frank operated at the board level at some major financial institutions. Sometimes Frank has gone against the flow in terms of advice given and contracts offered in order to make sure everything is about the client, and all advice and recommendations are in the best interests of the client and not the financial institutions.

As well as having practised in the UK, Frank operated in the international market since 2003, moving out full time to the UAE in 2005.  Although he has spent many years in the Financial Services industry, his drive and passion remain strong. He plans to retire at a time when he loses the ability to learn and break new ground and doesn’t see this happening for a while!

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