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Daniel Quinn
Daniel Quinn
Senior Partner

Hi, I'm Daniel Quinn

Senior Financial Planner, Pension Plans, Savings Plans, UK Pension Transfers, Lump Sum Investment Advice, Tax Planning, Life Assurance

Daniel Quinn is originally from Scotland where his father had an insurance business. Following in his father's footsteps, Daniel started his career pretty early - at the age of 19. Daniel started in the Financial Services sector in 2000 in the UK and built his own successful practice over an 11-year period.

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Employment History

Daniel moved to Dubai in July 2011 and has been here for over six years now. Over this period he has overseen and managed millions of pounds/dollars worth of investments on behalf of his clients. As your typical Scotsman, he tends to be very open and honest in his dealings, and likes nurturing a warm and friendly relationship with all his clients.

Daniel provides high quality financial and pension advice for Expats living in the Middle East, advising them on Pensions, Investments, Savings and Insurance.

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