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Sam Ebbs

Associate, Dubai

Sam Ebbs joined the financial services industry in 2005, the whole of which time has been with the Holborn Group.

Sam strives for excellence and has built his business based on a full and detailed understanding of what clients are looking to achieve. It is with this understanding that recommendations are derived and driven by the client, because they will match to exactly what the individual is looking to achieve.

It is the understanding Sam has of Wealth Management and Financial Planning principles that means a solution is not simply off the shelf. People differ in many ways and it is only by a full understanding of each individual in their entirety that the best solutions can be put together.

Using the practices of defined risk assessment and relationship to reward, Sam is able to construct Portfolio’s for clients that will deliver performance over time. Based on the level of risk a client wishes to take and clients fully understanding what risk means, portfolios are developed in order to manage individuals wealth in the most effective way.

Sam’s role is to facilitate the aspirations and dreams of the client, and treat the institutions simply as a vehicle in order to turn the dreams and aspirations into a reality. As an independent financial planner, he looks at the whole of the market that is available to expatriates and he represents only the best interests of his client.


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