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Bryan Wawman (IP)

About Bryan Wawman

Vice President, International Pensions & Investments

Bryan Wawman acts as one of the Vice President of Holborn’s International Pensions Division.

Bryan initially joined the UK Financial Services industry back in 1989 and soon progressed to be one of the top producers for one of London’s largest Financial Services providers. After working the UK market for 14 years Bryan took the bolds step into the ever-changing offshore financial services market and permanently relocated himself and his family to mainland Europe where he has been based ever since.  He continued to offer specialised pension and investment advice to ex-pats both in Europe and the Middle East and continues to do so now he is part of the International pension & Investment team at Holborn Assets. Along with the expertise of Holborn’s Pensions Technical Division, Bryan ensures clients receive the best guidance on all aspects of the retirement planning.

When not working, Bryan enjoys spending time with his wife and four children and follows motorcar racing with great passion.




Bryan is currently studying towards his certificate in discretionary management cert PFS (DM)

What Clients Say about Bryan

“Having known Bryan for over 7 years and having trusted him with several pension transfers, all of which I had no idea of their values and was pleasantly surprised with the figures he came back to me with, these were subsequently transferred and have resulted in a life-changing experience for me in both my professional and personal life. I would strongly recommend anyone to allow Bryan to provide the information he provided to me so they too can make an informed decision and take advantage of any help offered. ”

Tony Warrington MD.

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