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Conor O’Shaughnessy
Conor O’Shaughnessy
Senior Consultant

Hi, I'm Conor O’Shaughnessy

Insurance, Lump sum Investments, Estate Planning

Conor is a finance professional with extensive experience in the UK, Ireland and Middle East in wealth management and private banking.

Conor gives sound, genuine and easily-understandable advice and guidance.

Employment History
Employment Hightlights

Employment History

Having completed a Business & Accountancy degree at the University of Limerick, Conor went to work for Permanent TSB in Ireland, gaining both invaluable experience and a QFA qualification from University College,Dublin.

With TSB, Conor's role covered every aspect of financial planning but mostly involved insurance and retirement planning and dealing with people from all different levels of wealth.

Conor went on to work for Investec, one of the biggest private banks in the world. Here at Investec, Conor's role was more specific in its focus than at TSB, requiring service for high net worth individuals and catering to their desire for bespoke investments and insurance needs.

For Conor, both TSB and Investec roles were extremely enjoyable. Conor is a people person. He really enjoys helping to find a solution to a problem. So he fitted right in at the Dubai headquarters of Holborn Assets.

Working in the UAE has been an amazing experience for Conor. He has no intentions of returning to Ireland in the near future. Conor has found a place where his honest and genuine advice to his clients makes a difference.

More about Me




Conor says: I play Irish football and Hurling here in Dubai (as well as in Ireland) which is known as GAA and is extremely popular at home and played by Irish expats all over the world. I enjoy all sports and would be a keen follower of Irish rugby and Manchester United . Outside of sports, I came 3rd in the Irish chess championship at schools level and finished 2nd in the national schools debating championship in 2004 in Ireland.

Extra Curricular

Conor says: I enjoy watching all sports but mostly play GAA which is indigenous to Ireland. We have 8 teams here in the Middle East who compete with one another at different tournaments throughout the year . It’s a great way of bringing a little bit of home to here.

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