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Chimaa Meftah
Chimaa Meftah
EA to the Board Holborn Assets

Hi, I'm Chimaa Meftah

Operations, Management, Administration

Chimaa ensures that Holborn operations run smoothly to ensure clients and employees are getting the best service possible.

She provides administrative support for Senior Management and for team members across all service areas. If you need something done at Holborn Assets but don’t know how to – ask Chimaa!

Chimaa is a people person. So she enjoys her job, which is to help people get the best out of themselves. Chimaa is up-beat, usually busy and always relaxed ( well ... !)

Employment History
Employment Highlights
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Employment History

In her native Morocco, Chimaa studied experimental science to Baccalaureate level.

Chimaa joined Holborn Assets in 2011 on the front desk and has worked her way up through the ranks to Executive Assistant to the Board.

Chimaa’s people skills are grounded in an interest in psychology as well as a generally up-beat personality. Working in Dubai, it’s useful to have an interest in languages: Chimaa’s native language is Arabic, and she speaks French and English to a professional level, as well as a sprinkling of Spanish and Urdu.

As for the future, Chimaa aims to continue her BA studies in Business Administration and bring back what she learns to Holborn Assets.

Meanwhile, Chimaa’s interests centre on her active involvement with an animal welfare community fostering two kittens – as well as reading crime novels.

My Favourite Quote

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
- Leonardo da Vinci
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