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Andrew Marshall
Andrew Marshall
Senior Associate

Hi, I'm Andrew Marshall

Business Insurance Life, Disability and Critical Illness Risk planning, Investment planning & savings, Pre-Retirement planning

Andrew is a financial advisor affiliated with Holborn Asssets, which delivers tailor-made and diversified Financial Planning solutions to individuals and corporate companies.

The combination of Andrew's personal background experience and qualifications enables him to provide expert financial advise and Intermediary Service. His strength is to guide clients through their financial journey and to add extensive value towards their financial wellness.

Employment History
Employment Hightlights

Employment History

Andrew has been in the Financial Services industry since 1995. During this time, he has held various roles at some of the most prominent insurance companies in South Africa, including Discovery Group and Liberty Holdings. He obtained his Wealth Certificate in 2011 and the RE1 and RE5 in 2011.

Andrew believes that knowledge is an important part of his evolution and continues to develop himself by attending regular training seminars and staying abreast of changes in the industry. Andrews understands that, in this volatile economic environment, it is important to stay focused, knowledgeable, and goal-orientated in every aspect of his clients’ financial portfolio.

In agreement with Holborn Assets, Andrew believes that success is based on the fundamental principal of adding value to the life of his client. Andrews is passionate about guiding clients through their financial journey - helping to achieve financial potential and ensuring that families reach their future financial success. The cornerstone and foundation to all the relationships we build can be summarized in our core purpose which we define as to “treat customers fairly at all times and put their interests first in all our dealings.”

“It’s better to do nothing with your money than something you don’t understand." (Suze Orman)


My Favourite Quote

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking as when we created them“
- Albert Einstein

More about Me


Andrew is married to Christel.


Andrew says: I believe that hobbies should add value to my life and those of others. It should provide a sense of mastery, new thought-processes, and real challenge to learn something new; to acquire a new skill set. As such, I personally really enjoy reading – anything from autobiographies to being knowledgeable about current matters in the world (such as inventions and politics). I also love traveling, as it provides a lot of insight into different cultures, beliefs and mindsets.

Extra Curricular

Andrew says: I work out at least five times a week with a group of friends, and belong to a supper club where we challenge each other constantly to produce different cultural foods – my favourite, of course, are true South African dishes.

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