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Holborn Assets News – Don’t forget St George’s Day 2017

23rd April 2017

What is St George’s Day? St George’s Day is England’s national day celebrated on April 23rd every year. Who celebrates St George’s Day? In the UK, the focus for St George’s Day celebrations (if anywhere) is the pub. Most Brits might say that they are proud of St George, but generally Brits do not use […]

Are you ready for a Brexit Diet this summer?

19th April 2017

Brits face a summer of shrinking deals in the UK supermarket as the weak pound and Brexit price uncertainty continue. So if you are planning on dieting to get that perfect summer body, Brexit might have done you a favour – through the rise of “Shrinkflation”, the phenomenon by which food manufacturers have been reducing […]

Holborn Assets News : Weekly financial highlights from the UK

17th April 2017

Holborn Assets News reviews four snippets of UK personal finance news from this second week of April that highlight the need for expats (and their families) to keep their financial options open: UK housing market hits official doldrums Student loan interest soars with strong inflation Market-beating bond from NSI fails to beat inflation Royal Mail […]

Holborn Assets News – Average Size of UK Pension Pot soars to £50k

10th April 2017

The average UK pension pot has rocketed in value in two years to £50,000, according to research from financial providers Aegon. Behind the surge in saving is a new awareness of pensions amongst Brits brought about by the Government Pension Freedoms of 2015, in which a number of liberating measures were announced. The research also […]

April 2017: Holborn Assets Reviews the new HMRC tax changes for UK

7th April 2017

Here at Holborn Assets, the new tax year in the UK (beginning April 6th) is a time to take stock. The accounting clock has started again and, with it, come four bits of good news in the area of personal taxation – as well as bad news for BTL investors in the form of mortgage […]

Top 10 Tips to Finding a Great Financial Services Provider in the world of fake news

4th April 2017

In the beginning, there was news. Then there was “breaking news”. Then “viral news”, then “trending news” – and now we have “fake news.” “Fake news” has always been with us. It’s just a term for rumours that are being presented as fact. This has always happened. But now we’ve got the internet as everybody’s […]

Pensioners get jolt back to reality

2nd April 2017

As an April Fool’s joke yesterday, we reported here at Holborn Assets that the UK Government was, instead of taxing pensioners, making pensioners into millionaires, left, right and centre. We wish it were true. But the truth is that pensions are not only so tax-sensitive, but so varied nowadays, that professional help is the only […]

Shock State Pension Government Giveaway: find out if you’ve just been made a millionaire

1st April 2017

The UK Government has today on April 1st 2017 announced that it will be adding an extra 55% to all state pension payments – and, because the giveaway will apply retrospectively as well as cumulatively, an estimated 450,000 Brits A YEAR look set to become millionaires. Are you one of the many winners in the […]

Top 10 Money Saving Tips for 2017

31st March 2017

It is often said that “charity begins at home.” So does budgeting! All the financial planning in the world (whether you seek professional advice from us here at Holborn Assets or elsewhere) won’t help you unless you tackle the nitty-gritty of the small stuff. Tackle the “small” spending issues of your life and handling the […]

Controversial new £1 coin comes out today in UK

28th March 2017

The controversial new UK £1 coin comes into circulation today (March 28th 2017). With 3% of old £1 coins being counterfeit, the Royal Mint calls the new hi-tech £1 coin “the most secure coin in the world”. Holborn Assets looks at the ins and outs of the currency changeover. What should I do with my […]

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