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November Asset Class Performance

4th December 2011

November was another tough month for the majority of assets classes.  Gold (+1.7%) and Inflation-Indexed US Treasuries (+0.5%) managed to finish the month in positive territory but all other asset classes fell in November.  The worst performing asset class was Foreign Corporate Bonds, losing 5.5% last month. On a one year basis Gold is head […]

JP Morgan Weekly Global Strategy Report

4th December 2011

Global Strategy Weekly 111205

Central Banks to the Rescue

1st December 2011

World central banks have came to the rescue yesterday with an announcement of  “coordinated action” to help economy.  The U.S. Federal Reserve announced: The Bank of Canada, the Bank of England, the Bank of Japan, the European Central Bank, the Federal Reserve, and the Swiss National Bank are today announcing coordinated actions to enhance their […]

Global Sovereign CDS Prices

28th November 2011

A CDS is a financial contract that protect the holder from loss of interest and principal if a given bond goes into default. CDS prices are often used as indicators of default risk. The higher the CDS price the greater the default risk (see here for more info). The table below shows current 5-year credit […]

UK Government Debt: The Tip of the Iceberg

23rd November 2011

There’s a lot of talk about government debt-to-GDP ratios lately (well, there is in the pubs I frequent).  Greece’s government debt stands at 160 percent of GDP.  Japan has a debt-to-GDP ratio of over 200 percent.  Then there’s Italy, Ireland and Portugal with debt-to-GDP ratios of 121 percent, 109 percent and 106 percent respectively.  Even […]

Hedge Fund Top Holdings

22nd November 2011

The table below shows the U.S. stocks most owned by hedge funds as of the end of Q3. [Click to Enlarge] And here’s the performance of a hypothetical portfolio holding the above 15 stocks in equal proportions since the end of Q3: As you can see, the top holdings portfolio has essentially moved in lockstep […]

VAM Monthly Newsletter

16th November 2011

Here’s the latest Monthly Bulletin from VAM Funds: VAM Monthly Bulletin – October 2011

7Days: Is All Borrowing Bad?

16th November 2011

For those that missed it, here’s Holborn’s 7Days article from Tuesday 8th November: Is All Borrowing Bad? Debt isn’t always a dirty word – if you are responsible Throughout history, moralists and writers have issued warnings against the perils of debt. “Debt is the slavery of the free,” fulminated the Syrian sage Publilius Syrus in […]

October Asset Class Performance

3rd November 2011

October was a month of renewal. After sharp losses virtually across the board in September, last month witnessed a healthy dose of the opposite. Commodities and emerging market stocks were the biggest winners in October, both rising by nearly 16 percent.  US bonds were the worst performer although they still managed an increase of 0.1 […]

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