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Why Do You Need To Make A Will?

22nd October 2014

  A Will documents how your assets should be managed and distributed amongst your family and friends according to your wishes. In particular, you can provide for the welfare of your family and ensure the efficient management of your property by a trusted person, designated by you. Most people tend to avoid thinking about their […]

A Guide for Single Parents to Manage their Finances

13th October 2014

Single parents tend to face multiple challenges in their daily lives as they are the sole provider of care and emotional support to their children, and they may also be the only financial provider. This blog is designed to help make those challenges more manageable by providing guiding information and advice about financial planning. Have […]

Financial Tips for College Students

6th October 2014

With the new college year around the corner, students will be enjoying their first taste of independence over the next few weeks.  But according to new research, one in every 5 students is likely to face financial difficulty sooner or later. (CitizenNews, 2014) For many students leaving home for the first time, university life is […]

A Woman’s Guide To Managing Finances

6th October 2014

Women are experts at multitasking. They are created with the divine ability to juggle a variety of responsibilities at once be it at work or at home. At times however this can be overwhelming which makes effective management of household finances a tall ask.  Here are some valuable tips that might help. 1. Set a […]

6 Common Mistakes We Must Avoid While Using Credit Card

6th October 2014

We all like to indulge once in a while. Whether it is a sparkling new LED TV for bragging rights amongst the guys or a designer handbag to make your girlfriends green with envy – a credit card often seems like the solution to all life’s problems; a savior who answers the call of the […]

JP Morgan Weekly Market Insight

25th March 2012

Here’s the latest JP Morgan Market Insight report: JPM Weekly Market Insight Chart of the Week:  The chart of the week shows two gauges of the balance-sheet adjustment undertaken by US households: the debt-service ratio, the share of personal disposable income devoted to mortgage and consumer-credit debt payments, and the personal saving rate. Both measures […]

Weekly Financial Roundup – 22nd March 2012

22nd March 2012

Here are the slides form Thursday’s presentation: Download: Weekly Roundup 20120322

February Asset Class Performance

4th March 2012

Equities markets put in another strong performance in February.  Emerging market stocks were the best performer, rising 5.4 percent on the most.  Foreign developed stocks (mostly European stocks) rose just under 5 percent. The worst asset class performer was gold which fell by 3 percent in February, courtesy of a big 5 percent decline on […]

7Days: Saving really is child’s play

27th February 2012

For those that missed them, below are Holborn’s most recent 7Days articles:   Holborn Assets Article 21st Feb 2012 Holborn Assets Article 14th Feb 2012

January Asset Class Performance

2nd February 2012

After a tough finish to 2011 gold is once again the top asset class performer, rising over 11 percent in January.  Just behind gold were emerging market stocks, increasing by 10.8 percent over the month. All other asset classes were up in January so a good start to 2012.

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