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7Days: Saving really is child’s play

27th February 2012

For those that missed them, below are Holborn’s most recent 7Days articles:   Holborn Assets Article 21st Feb 2012 Holborn Assets Article 14th Feb 2012

January Asset Class Performance

2nd February 2012

After a tough finish to 2011 gold is once again the top asset class performer, rising over 11 percent in January.  Just behind gold were emerging market stocks, increasing by 10.8 percent over the month. All other asset classes were up in January so a good start to 2012.

The Economist’s Big Mac Index

17th January 2012

The Economist is out with an updated version of their Big Mac index showing the world’s currencies price based on the world famous McDonald’s sandwich: THE ECONOMIST’s Big Mac index is based on the theory of purchasing-power parity: in the long run, exchange rates should adjust to equal the price of a basket of goods and services […]

Skyscraper Index

12th January 2012

Interesting article on the BBC website about the Barclays Capital Skyscraper Index: There is an “unhealthy correlation” between the building of skyscrapers and subsequent financial crashes, according to Barclays Capital. Examples include the Empire State building, built as the Great Depression was under way, and the current world’s tallest, the Burj Khalifa, built just before […]

December & 2011 Asset Class Performance

3rd January 2012

December was a quiet month overall. There certainly wasn’t much of a Santa Claus rally for stocks.  The best performing asset class over the month was US real estate (as measure by the MSCI US REIT) which gained 4.8 per cent.  The worst performer in December, by far, was gold, losing over 10 per cent. […]

JP Morgan Weekly Market Insight

19th December 2011

Here’s the latest JP Morgan Market Insight report: JPM Weekly Market Insight Chart of the Week: Our COTW shows US house net worth relative to GDP. Wealth levels have collapsed, with the QE-inspired boom in financial assets only partially offsetting the damage done by the collapse in property prices after 2006. The question is whether this […]

JP Morgan Weekly Market Insight

11th December 2011

Here’s the latest JP Morgan Market Insight report:  JPM Weekly Market Insight Chart of the Week: Our COTW shows our proprietary growth indicator, which is a composite measure of 10 forward indicators, against global earnings momentum, defined as the ratio of analyst upgrades to downgrades over three months. Recent data have pushed the growth indicators into […]

December is Bullish for Stocks

4th December 2011

Most people are aware that December has been one of the better months for stocks. The chart below shows the average monthly return for the Dow Jones Industrial Average Index going back to 1929.  On average, blue chip U.S. stocks have risen by about 1.5% in December. And it gets better. On a risk adjusted […]

November Asset Class Performance

4th December 2011

November was another tough month for the majority of assets classes.  Gold (+1.7%) and Inflation-Indexed US Treasuries (+0.5%) managed to finish the month in positive territory but all other asset classes fell in November.  The worst performing asset class was Foreign Corporate Bonds, losing 5.5% last month. On a one year basis Gold is head […]

JP Morgan Weekly Global Strategy Report

4th December 2011

Global Strategy Weekly 111205

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