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Top 10 Money Saving Tips for 2017

31st March 2017

It is often said that “charity begins at home.” So does budgeting! All the financial planning in the world (whether you seek professional advice from us here at Holborn Assets or elsewhere) won’t help you unless you tackle the nitty-gritty of the small stuff. Tackle the “small” spending issues of your life and handling the […]

Controversial new £1 coin comes out today in UK

28th March 2017

The controversial new UK £1 coin comes into circulation today (March 28th 2017). With 3% of old £1 coins being counterfeit, the Royal Mint calls the new hi-tech £1 coin “the most secure coin in the world”. Holborn Assets looks at the ins and outs of the currency changeover. What should I do with my […]

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on UK Long Term Care

27th March 2017

Recently, we reviewed the UK Care Home Sector 2017. With this article we hope to answer your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Long Term Care. The Biggest Question is – How do I fund Long Term Care (LTC) in the UK? It is a big question for more and more families. In roughly fifteen years […]

2017 UAE Motor Insurance Rules – New

24th March 2017

There’s all sorts of goodies that insurance companies will now have to provide to UAE motorists – but it remains a fact that new rules from the UAE Insurance Authority (IA) mean that over a third of UAE motorists are expected to pay more for their vehicle insurance this year. That’s because of a new […]

Holborn Assets Reviews the UK Care Home Sector 2017

20th March 2017

So have you got “The Big Dilemma” or “The Big Problem”? For most people, there are two giant practical issues with Long Term Care: Care Home vs. Home Care – The Big Dilemma Care Home Funding – The Big Problem This overview is intended to help you get some background before you dive in and […]

Top 7 Personal Finance Lessons Hidden in Game of Thrones

16th March 2017

Love it or loathe it, HBO blockbuster Game of Thrones (GoT) is in the headlines again with two bits of UK news: The UK actor who played Wilding Giant “Mag the Mighty”, Neil Fingleton, has died aged 36 of heart failure. With a height of 7ft 7 in (232cm), Neil was the UK’s tallest man. […]

Electronically Traded Fund Bitcoin – Denied

15th March 2017

There was great excitement in the world of cryptocurrency Bitcoin, with a big decision being made on the first attempt to launch a Bitcoin ETF (Electronically Traded Fund). The US Securities and Exchange Commission has said it will rule on the £100m bid from Winklevoss Capital by March 11th – which is this Sunday. The decision […]

The price of a beer on St. Patrick’s Day 2017

13th March 2017

St. Patrick’s Day started out as a Catholic Feast Day. In the 1800s, it was taken up by Irish-Americans as a day of civic pride. And now it’s turned into a day of global drinking! Where do we stand here in the UAE when it comes to the cost of a beer? And what about […]

Holborn Assets Reviews the UK Spring Budget 2017

10th March 2017

What’s big? The main news is a “2% stealth tax” on self-employed Brits, with changes to the National Insurance Contribution system coming in next tax year. Personal Finance Income Tax Personal tax-free allowance rises – for the seventh year running – up to £11,500 this tax year. High rate minimum threshold rises to £45,000.  Inheritance […]

Top 10 Questions your SME should ask about Insurance

7th March 2017

There’s a lot of talk about how SME insurance can be expensive. But look at it this way: On top of everything else an SME has to pay every month, any cost looks expensive. You get to become ruthless with costs when you are running a business, so expenses which aren’t strictly necessary simply have […]

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